• Guar
  • Xanthan
  • Alginates
  • CMC
  • Carrageenans
  • Special modified starch blends, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers for mayonnaise production, dressings, sauses, dips, ketchup, e.t.c. according to desired properties.
  1. Egg yolk powder
  2. Whole egg powder
  3. Albumin in powder form

DRESSAL Series (our production)
With the right combination of hydrocolloids, we can produce complete blends for the special requirements of your production.

Vana Grasa Series (Friesland Campina Kievit) : Vegetabel fat in powder form

Vana Lata Series (Friesland Campina Kievit) : Whole and skimmed milk substitutes in powder form

Vana Crema Series (Friesland Campina Kievit) : Dairy cream in powder form with 45-75% fat

  • Olive oil in powder form
  • Egg products
  • Flavors
  • Our products, suitable for your needs


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